In 1998, Harris County officials and community leaders began the process of selecting a new voting system to replace the punch-card machines.

The goal was to find a system that enabled the County to provide voters with disabilities the opportunity to vote independently, provide ballots in languages covered by Section 203 of the 1975 Voting Rights Act and obtain the capacity to accommodate an increasing number of contests on the ballot during each election.

The Hart InterCivic eSlate electronic voting system was selected in 2001. In 2002, Harris County became the largest metropolitan area in the United States to implement the use of an electronic voting system.

Judge's Booth Controller (JBC)

The JBC is the polling place control console used by election clerks to afford citizens access to the voting process. Among other things, it serves as an electronic ballot box.

Access Code
Ballot Access Code

The four digit 'Access Code' is provided to qualified voters at the poll. The 'access code' ensures the correct ballot information is transmitted from the JBC to the eSlate each voter employs to cast a vote.

eSlate Booth
eSlate Booths

The eSlate booths serve as a polling place voting station where a voter can vote privately.

eSlate & DAU
eSlate and DAU eSlate

The eSlate voting machine allows voters to cast electronic ballots by turning a rotary SELECT wheel. Specially modified Disabled Access Unit (DAU) eSlates allow voters with disabilities to use headphones or other adaptive devices to vote independently.
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