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How do I become a Poll Worker?
An individual who is interested in working at a poll may sign-up with the Harris County Clerk Office. Apply Now

Individuals are also encouraged to contact one of the major political parties for possible nomination to work as a presiding or alternate election judge. Nominations are made in June, so please contact the party as soon as possible.
Democratic Party Republican Party

In Texas, by law, the presiding election Judges are empowered to hire their Election Day staff. Thus, an individual who is interested in working at a poll may also directly contact the presiding chair of their precinct to volunteer their services. To find out who the precinct chair is for your precinct please click HERE.

Bilingual Poll Worker
Individuals who speak and read Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, in addition to English, are encouraged to apply to work on Election Day by clicking the 'apply now' option in this box. Bilingual Clerks are needed to support presiding election judges in their effort to comply with State and Federal laws pertaining to language assistance at the poll. Apply Now

Student Poll Workers
High school students 16 years of age and older may serve as election clerks in Texas elections. The purpose is two-fold: 1) to introduce students to the electoral process and inspire them with an interest in their government, and 2) to provide election authorities with an additional resource of persons who can serve at the polls. Apply Now FAQ

The completed Student Election Clerk Application and Permission Form should be submitted by fax to 713.755.9311, or to Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk, Voter Outreach Office, 1001 Preston, Suite 426, Houston, TX 77002.
Requirements to work as a Poll Worker
In Texas, at a minimum, to be eligible for appointment as a pollworker/election clerk a person must be a U.S citizen and a qualified voter of the territory of the election.