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Welcome to the HarrisVotes! on-line media room. This portion of the HarrisVotes web site is for general information on the activities of the Elections Administrator in regards to elections and is intended to assist media personnel with valuable reference items.

From time to time, information will be posted here that the media may find useful when reporting on elections in Harris County and may include statistical reports that are requested often or on a daily basis as an election approaches. If you are a member of the media and have comments or questions regarding the content of the Media Room, you may contact Leah Shah, Director of Communications and Voter Outreach, at Leah.Shah@vote.hctx.net or (Cell) 832.584.1659.

This section of the HarrisVotes! site is intended as a central depository for information our media partners may find useful, but we encourage the public to become more informed on the activities of the Harris Elections Administrator's office.

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In the process of submitting a public information request it is important to understand the following:

  • Information requests must be in writing;
  • Requests must be addressed to the Officer for Public Information or the chief administrative officer;
  • Government bodies are only required to provide documents and other information which is already in existence;
  • Requests may be submitted by:

Click here to obtain a Public Information Request Form.

For more information call 713-755-6965.

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Information is vital to accessing the voting process. For this reason, I encourage you to contact us if you have a question, need assistance or have a suggestion.