Note From The
County Clerk

The Voter Outreach staff is charged with the responsibility of providing the public the rudimentary elements needed to access the voting process and enhance their understanding of the conduct of elections. 

I encourage civic-minded individuals to join our effort to carry out programmatic activities that familiarize voters with the state and federal laws which guide elections in Harris County.

-Stan Stanart
DOJ Language Assistance Program
The Harris County Clerk's Office conducts specific programs with the objective of providing limited English proficient voters who are covered by section 203 of the Voting Rights Act, the information and assistance to access the voting process. Inquiries pertaining to this program may be sent here.
Voting In Person Voting Equipment Demonstration
Individuals or organizations may borrow voting equipment to conduct voting demonstrations. Equipment must be reserved at least one week before an event, picked-up prior to the event and returned promptly after the event. Click to request the use of the equipment for a demonstration or call Voter Outreach.
Speakers Speakers
Harris County Clerk staff is available to conduct presentations related to the mission of the County Clerk’s Office. Call Voter Outreach at 713 274.9550 for more information or click here.
Communities, Groups, Orgs Elections for Community Groups or Organizations
The Harris County Clerk’s office is available to conduct elections for private and/or nonprofit entities such as unions, schools and other civic groups. Call Voter Outreach for more information or click here.
Main Office Brochures
The Harris County Clerk’s Office produces brochures with the goal of providing citizens the rudimentary elements needed to participate in the electoral process, including a Voter Guide, Voting by Mail and How to Operate the Electronic Voting Machine. Call Voter Outreach at 713 274.9550 for more information or click here.